Funeral affordability 

Tender Funerals was established to deliver affordable funerals that do not compromise the quality of the process for bereaved friends and family.

The average cost of a Tender Funeral is between $3,000 and $4,500. Because we believe transparency is critical, we openly share our price lists for our services. An example of a Tender Funerals price list is available at

Benevolent Fund

At the core of Tender Funerals is our mission to provide funeral services to those in our community who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Because we believe that no-one should miss out on having access to a helpful, beautiful funeral, we have developed a Benevolent Fund so we can offer a concessional rate to families in financial hardship. Our Benevolent Fund is made viable by the families who use Tender Funerals and can afford to pay full price and is further supported via donations from the community.

How our pricing works 

Tender Funerals has three levels of pricing: full cost, at-cost and concessional.

Full cost

We offer full-cost pricing to families for whom this is affordable. The full-cost price is the cost of the funeral services requested according to the relevant Tender Funerals services price list, plus a contribution of $250 to the Benevolent Fund.


At-cost pricing is the cost of the funeral services requested according to the relevant Tender Funerals services price list, without the Benevolent Fund contribution.


Concessional pricing is below the at-cost price and is determined by the Funeral Director on a case-by-case basis, considering:

  • how we can deliver the funeral that is right for the family and their person
  • the degree of financial hardship that would result from having to pay the full cost or at- cost price, and
  • the amount available in the Benevolent Fund.


The Funeral Director will have a conversation with the family to determine eligibility for the at-cost or concessional rate, based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • being eligible for the full aged pension
  • holding a health care, pension, concession, or student card living in social housing
  • the impact on household income resulting from the death having to go into debt to pay for the funeral.