Our Services

What services does Tender Funerals Australia offer to communities?

Tender Funerals is centred in community and recognises that individuals and their communities are unique. Our network is set up by communities to cater to the nuanced and diverse needs of their communities. Thus we have created a not-for-profit social franchise  model that can cater to these diverse needs. Our social franchise model is unique. We support communities around Australia to establish and operate not-for-profit Tender Funerals services that are owned and operated by their local community. They are independently incorporated with their own Board of Directors.
With this focus on local community ownership, Tender Funerals Australia only takes new site requests from community members’ expression of interests. It is important that the local community is involved at every step of establishing, owning, and operating their own service.
Tender Funerals Australia is now supporting 2 operational service sites and 11 service sites in development.
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 Tender Funerals Network members agree to operate in accordance with the principles of the Tender Funerals’:
      • Credo
      • Vision Statement
      • Not-For-Profit Business Model
      • Social Franchise Agreement
      • Funeral Services Delivery Manual
Each network member participates in developing Tender Funerals by sharing of ideas, expertise and knowledge and by supporting each other with resources when possible.
Tender Funerals Australia provides Network members with key intellectual property, capacity building and specialised training. It has an activating role in:
      • Network growth
      • Site support and advice
      • Training
      • Network administration
      • Policy development
      • Advocating
      • Troubleshooting