Goulburn Post
By Neha Attre
13 July 2021
Jenny Briscoe-Hough (L), founder of Tender Funerals with Catherine Bell and Bearyn O’Donnell, directors of Tender Funerals Canberra Region after a meeting with The Snow Foundation.
The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience. For some, the high cost of a funeral during that difficult time can be another major blow that can put them in debt for many years.
Not-for-profit Tender Funerals has brought a massive change to funeral care with its community-led approach.
“Tender Funerals believes that funerals can be affordable without compromising on a meaningful service.

“Being a not-for-profit, we work with families with low budget to help them minimise their cost so that they don’t end up with a funeral costing them $15,000,” she said.

Tender Funerals started in Port Kembla in 2016 seeking to address the financial burden of funerals.

Ms Bell is looking to replicate the service in the Canberra Region and is currently looking for suitable land which will service Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Cooma, Goulburn, Bungendore and Braidwood areas.

“We are asking owners of the ideal locations we have narrowed down our search to donate us the land and the building. If that happens, we will be able to offer affordable funerals to the community from the first day,” the Braidwood resident said.

Tender Funerals Canberra Region are seeking to raise $150,000 from the community as a deposit to purchase our funeral home, which is supported by The Snow Foundation and SEFA.

“So far, we have raised over $33,000 which includes a contribution of $10,000 from The Green Shed. The more funds we can raise from the community, the more we can offset our purchase, which will mean even more affordable funerals,” she added.

Once operational, they will have five employees and up to 30 volunteers from the community supporting them.

Their full range of services are accessible, inclusive and based on principles that align with people’s individual culture, values and beliefs.

Tender Funerals will also have a donation fund with a pay it forward model. These donations will be used to fund the funerals who are in need of financial assistance.

Tender Funerals Canberra Region are supported by Tender Funerals Australia and Social Ventures Australia.