ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler
Broadcast 11 December 2018
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After her mother died, Jenny had an epiphany about the business of funerals.

Although Jenny and her family wrote the eulogy for her mum, brought in their own flowers and had a simple service, the bill came to $11,000.

A short time later, Jenny began thinking about setting up a not-for-profit funeral service in her local area.

With the help of a documentary and a crowdfunding campaign, she and the community of Port Kembla raised more than $120,000 to buy an old fire station in town.

This is now where Tender Funerals operates, helping families prepare their dead for burial or cremation.

On the day of the funeral, family and friends can wash and dress the body themselves, bring flowers from their own gardens, and run the service the way they want it.

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