Illawarra Mercury
By Ben Langford
18 June 2021

The innovative funeral group, which started in Port Kembla, is holding the event at Mount Kiera Guide Camp at noon on Sunday.

“This year we are remembering your people, as well as the losses of the 2020 bushfires, floods, covid related lifestyle changes, isolation and a spike in youth suicide in our community,” Tender Funerals Illawarra Sydney general manager Amy Sagar said.

“We honour all of these losses and the losses that we couldn’t gather for during the covid pandemic restrictions. Let us finally come together to honour it all.”

People can register here to attend.

Jenny Briscoe-Hough, Tender Funerals Australia general manager, said all were welcome to the event, which would not only be about loss but also celebration.

“When we come together like this, we recognise that death is a natural part of life, but it’s also an ongoing journey,” she said. “We want to invite everyone who has had a loss, to feel welcome and to come along.

“Please bring your children and grandchildren, because there is an enormous amount joy and love to share when we remember precious people. This is a day for remembering, but it’s also a day of celebration.”