Start a Tender

Tender has locations in progress across Australia. See here for existing and in progress locations.

Tender Funerals Australia operates on the principle that we must be invited into a community. Tender Funerals Australia will not be owning or operating a Tender Funeral Service in your area. All Tender Funeral Services are owned and operated by their own communities.

Everyone in the Tender Funerals Network will be a part of a community which has social franchise agreement in place. All Tender Funeral Services will need to be able to show financial viability. 

If you are interested in starting a Tender Funerals in your local community, the first step is to email [email protected] and we will arrange a time for an initial conversation.

What are we looking for in a potential community:

  • A community must illustrate a need (i.e. where existing services are not meeting community needs and community members are experiencing financial hardship)

  • There must be a values alignment with Tender’s, the emphasis on supporting those who cannot
    otherwise access dignified funeral services, including an emphasis on transparent pricing, the non-profit status of the business, and focus on empowerment/choice (see our values)

  • They must agree with Tender Funerals business model and brand usage guidelines

  • The key community members should have capacity to do the on-the-ground work required to set-up a social enterprise, potentially even before funding is available. Skills needed include: governance, project management, fundraising, community development, communications and marketing etc. Please note that starting a Tender Funerals is a community building exercise and no one person is solely responsible. It is also a lot of work and very, very rewarding.

  • Each working party is willing and able to participate in site network meetings and to contribute to the overall mission of Tender Funerals Australia

All community members/community groups considering completing an expression of interest are requested to read the above, ensure that there is not a Tender Funerals in your area (our locations) and then complete the Expression of Interest below.  

Expression of Interest

For Prospective Tender Funerals Locations