Elephant in the Room

Wanting to support and educate your community through death literacy, end of life planning, after death care options? Then call us to organise an educational event at your organisation or in your community in 2020.

Confronting the Elephant in the Room
Let’s Talk: Death and Dying

“The Elephant in the Room” is a collaboration of Illawarra based organisations and individuals working with people across the spectrum of end of life and after death.

Launching its first event at Project Contemporary Artspace at 6pm on Thursday 27th June 2019, The Elephant in the Room is offering the community an invitation to talk about death and dying. A panel of experts will facilitate the community discussion and answer questions around end of life options and care, advance care directives, funeral and after death care.

Tender Funerals sees this as part of the community movement towards reclaiming the rites around death and dying, one of life’s most important experiences. Jenny Briscoe-Hough, Director and General Manager of Tender Funerals Australia says “We hope to empower people to take control of their dying, their deaths and their funerals.”

April Creed, co-founder of ExSitu will share ideas around how people can navigate difficult conversations about their later stages of life, recording their core values within advance care directives and other holistic protective documentation that can be reviewed, signed and shared, enabling people to drive the direction of their own future ageing experience.

As an End of Life Educator/Consultant Belinda Brooks encourages people to develop the skills to engage in these conversations and works to support the community feel empowered as they navigate their choices around end of life decision making. “We need to learn how to feel safe to have these conversations, to talk about what we want at end of life and to feel supported to make it happen”.

Belinda says “Having conversations and getting the planning and support in place for end of life means we can ‘live’ better with the time we do have. Understanding choices also usually results in healthier bereavement for those who are left behind”.

Rebekah Lambert uses her talents as a writer, storyteller and creative practitioner to capture the stories of people with life shortening disabilities, life limiting and life ending illness. Rebekah believes “the collection of a sound of a voice, the turn of a phrase and the story of a person allows us all to live on after death”.  

Members of the community are invited to bring their questions and share the evening with people they most need to have this conversation with.

For more information contact Belinda Brooks: [email protected]