Our Chair, Catherine Bell, was interviewed by Kath Kovac on Women’s Voices for YassFM 100.3.

In Women’s Voices, Kath talks to women in all fields of work and stages of life in a bid to get a bigger range of women’s voices out there and being heard.

Kath says “In this episode, we cover topics that are not talked about enough, and usually avoided until the last possible moment – death and dying. Because of this, people in grief find funeral arrangements, if not organised beforehand, a very stressful time. We also talked about why it is a really good thing for the grieving process to view the body of a dead loved one and perhaps be involved in aftercare. Plus, the high cost of funerals is another stress – which is why Catherine is spearheading a new model called Tender Funerals in Canberra, This non profit organisation provides information, education and a range of cheaper funeral options.”