To acknowledge Dying to Know Day in Braidwood, a gathering at the ‘Fair Trade Store’ is happening.

This is the newest venue in Braidwood, a combination of two long standing favourites in Braidwood, the Deadwood Cafe and The Blue Kingdom.   They have join forces in this epic space, and you are invited to join the gathering to discuss all you need to know about the inevitable.

The Fair Trade Store is on the top side of the bakery, opposite the National Theatre, on Wallace Street Braidwood.  Arrive by 10am.

2022 marks the tenth year of the Dying to Know campaign. Dying to Know Day is an initiative of The GroundSwell Project inspired by the book ‘Dying To Know – Bringing Death to Life’ created by Igniting Change.

About Dying to Know Day 

Dying to Know Day is an annual campaign that empowers Australians at all stages of life to live and die well.

Dying to Know Day seeks to radically reshape how Australians approach death, dying, and end-of-life planning. This years campaign asks Australians to ‘get dead set’ by taking simple steps to plan for end-of-life.

Three ways Australians can ‘get dead set’:

1. Capture your choices in writing. Like a will, substitute decision-maker and guidance on your social media or organ donation. These could be documents, or as simple as a text or scribble on a serviette to start.

2. Have conversations with loved ones and others so they understand your wishes – and you understand theirs.

3. Prepare your send-off. Share what you want it to look like so you can be celebrated and remembered in line with your wishes.

Why? The benefits of being ‘dead set’ and prepared for end-of-life include:

  • Have a ‘good’ death which reflects what mattered in life.

  • Have conversations to ease the anguish of loved ones through the distress, uncertainty, and finality of death.

  • Leave a positive legacy that is consistent with how we want to be remembered.

  • Have their lives celebrated/remembered the way they choose.