Home Care

We have a home-based funeral facilitation service which you can use even if you don’t engage us as your funeral director. This means you are the funeral director and we assist with walking you through the process. Home-based care makes it possible for your loved one to lie in a state of grace either in their own home or somewhere with a personal connection that will be comforting to them and to you, for an extended period of up to five days in NSW.

If you are looking to care for your person at home, or would like to manage any aspects of care, Tender Funerals can be engaged to assist to facilitate:

  • purchasing a coffin

  • transportation

  • hire the cool plate

  • talking you through the process

If you are caring for your person in NSW a funeral director must:

  • be engaged to collect a person for coffining

  • collect a person within 8 hours of engagement

Regulations vary, so please ensure you are aware of the legislative requirements for after death home care in your own state.