The following links are to various websites whose values and practices are ideologically aligned to ours and may help to broaden your knowledge and understanding.

A small passionate Australian non-profit that is part of the global wave of demystifying and reclaiming death. Zenith Virago is the founder and president and friend and collaborator on the development of Tender Funerals.

Great information about starting the conversation now. In the ‘contacts and links’ section you will find a state-by-state listing of links to advanced health care plans and other information. What does an advance care plan look like?
Click to view a NSW appropriate example.

Uses the arts to raise awareness and open up community conversations about aging, illness, death, dying and bereavement.

Elisabeth was a hospice and palliative care pioneer, as well as author of 24 books
including ‘On Death and Dying’ and ‘Wheel of Life’.

The peak body for palliative care throughout Australia.

An online source for palliative care information – providing free, useful resources for health professionals and consumers.

Provides services for those working in, affected by, grief and bereavement.

InvoCare – an SMH overview article