Mortuary Care at our Premises

Our premises have been specifically designed to provide a comfortable, homely space for you and your community to spend as much time as you need with your person. You can also have a vigil at home if that would feel more comfortable. A vigil is quiet observance/honouring, to ‘be with’ your person (pray, chant, sit with or whatever your cultural custom) for a period of time determined by your and your family’s needs.


While embalming is not always necessary, we can offer this service. Embalming is a process using chemicals to preserve a person’s body, delaying decomposition. It is usually only necessary when a body is buried aboveground in a mausoleum, crypt or vault, when being repatriated overseas or interstate, or when burial or cremation will be delayed.


Ceremonial Washing:

Please refer to the Resources section under Care for the Body, outlining ceremonial washing.