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Tender Funerals Canberra Staff

Headshot of Catherine Prosser, Board member and project manager


Catherine Prosser

General Manager

Catherine joined Tender Canberra Region because she has a strong interest in how Australians deal with life transitions and change. She wants to improve our community connections and capacity to deal with dying, death and funerals. She brings many years of experience in the community arts, educator, start-up and philanthropy sector as a team member, manager and board member. Catherine also volunteers for organisations that support our youth, our elders and people living with disabilities. 

Tender Funerals Canberra Board of Directors 

Headshot of Catherine Bell, Board Chair


Catherine Bell


Catherine can be summed up in three words: birth, death and playgrounds. Beginning as a birth doula, Catherine came to Tender after Death Walker training with Zenith Virago. She was drawn to death care after seeing the parallels with birth care. In Tender, Catherine sees the importance of experience embraced, and the options explained and supported. Catherine is an active maternity consumer advocate, currently undertaking a PhD into communication and decision making in maternity services.

And the playgrounds? With the Braidwood Community Association, Catherine helped secure a fabulous new intergenerational playground: a combination of community spirit, diplomacy and grant success.  This success was repeated with the Braidwood ‘Respect’ Skatepark, where she took on the treasurer role in her capacity with Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association.

Headshot of Tui Davidson, board member

Tui Davidson


Tui has 32 years paid working experience, mostly in a variety of roles for the Australian public service – project management, governance, policy, stakeholder engagement, secretariat and workplace coaching. Currently taking a sabbatical, she is enjoying being a volunteer on two school committees (with a focus on not-for-profit, out of school hours care), a residential committee and the Tender working group. Giving back, being a part of community building and advocating for important social issues is what makes Tui happy.

Headshot of Bearyn O'Donnell, board member

Bearyn O’Donnell


Bearyn is a public servant with experience working with communities in the Australian Kimberley, Kenya, and India. He joined the Tender Canberra Region Working Group to engage more thoughtfully with death and dying and hopes to use his experience and energy to support bringing Tender Funerals to Canberra.

Headshot of Bearyn O'Donnell, board member

Rohan Dayal


Rohan, with a strong background in finance and as the driving force behind Zenova Ventures, brings a unique blend of strategic insight and compassionate leadership to Tender Funerals Canberra Region. With a career rooted in the financial markets and a keen understanding of analytics, Rohan has demonstrated an insightful ability to navigate complex systems and drive innovation. Rohan joined Tender Funerals because he has a genuine desire to help the wider Australian community, emphasising shared values of empathy and respect. He is committed to guiding the way we honour and support each other through the loss of a loved one.

Headshot of Bearyn O'Donnell, board member

Neel Jain


Neel is a confident and teamwork-oriented senior accountant at RSM.  Neel uses his background in corporate finance, combining a deep understanding of accounting and economic principles, to deliver high-quality accounting and advisory solutions. Neel provides insightful advice that considers both business success and operational efficiency.


Neel excels in financial analysis, independently appraising situations, and offering pragmatic solutions while continuously striving for personal and professional growth. His expertise extends to staying informed about advancements in the NDIS sector and developing customized financial models for his clients to identify improvement opportunities. Neel actively contributes to the not-for-profit sector by compiling program reports, and guiding organizations on internal controls and reporting systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Headshot of Bearyn O'Donnell, board member

Sarah Leheny


Sarah spent 35 years working in the ‘people’ areas of the Public Service. She now lives in a small country town where she holds many volunteer roles and loves being immersed in, and part of, the community.

Sarah was drawn to Tender Funerals by her strong belief that funerals should be affordable and easily accessible, and that the process should be driven by those who are left to celebrate the life lost. Tender Funerals enables people to be involved in all steps of the funeral process and to craft the unique ceremony their person would have wanted.