Our Pricing

Tender Funerals has at its core a mission to provide funeral services to those in our community who may be experiencing financial hardship. We believe that no-one should miss out on having access to a helpful, beautiful funeral service, so we have developed a model to make our services more accessible. This means we can offer a concession rate to you and we will have a conversation with you to determine your needs.

This model is made viable by the families who use Tender and can afford to pay full price and is further supported via donations from the community.

Terms and Conditions

We will have a conversation with you to determine your eligibility for a concessional rate. You may be eligible if you meet one (or more) of the following criteria:

– Being eligible for income support

– Healthcare card, pension card, concession or student card holder

– Having to go into debt to pay for the funeral

– The impact on the family household income as a result of the death.

– living in social housing

*please note prices below are priced at the non- concessional rate.

Current Price List as at January 2021