Our Services


We are currently developing our operational site and look forward to opening our doors to the community for death care and funerals August 2024. In the meantime, we offer events and resources to empower and educate the community in this space.

A good death does honour to a whole life, and every death is different.


What we can offer right now

Currently, Tender Funerals Canberra region offers community events, information and other resources to help our community feel empowered to discuss and plan for death and funerals.  While we’re unable to offer funeral services until our site is operational, we are happy to answer your questions about your rights and options in this space. We also supply cardboard coffins; please contact us for more information.

What we will be offering shortly

Once open, we will offer holistic death care and support services.  This means that whilst we will provide a full range of death care and funeral services, we will support you to do as much as you choose to do and feel comfortable doing, and we will sensitively assist where required. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to say goodbye in your own, meaningful way. The choices are yours.

If you contact Tender Funerals about arranging a funeral, our professional funeral directors will talk to you about a range of options that might be suitable for your family, including:

  • How much you would like Tender to do, and how much you and your community would like to do yourself. 
  • Whether you’d like to be part of washing and dressing your person, either independently or with support from the Tender team
  • What sort of ceremony is right for you; Tender supports families to do everything from traditional faith-based ceremonies to highly personalised and inventive events
  • What timeframe is right for you; we can help you slow things down or move quickly as the situation requires
  • If you or your family need assistance to manage the cost of the funeral; we have a range of resources, connections and community funds available to ensure that everyone is able to access personalised, meaningful and affordable funerals, regardless of their financial situation.

We will also be offering care and support after funerals, including opportunities to connect with other people in our community, because we recognise that grieving does not finish when the funeral does.

We are also looking for opportunities to invite artists and musicians to be part of the Tender Community.