Join our Chair, Catherine Bell, for a Tender Talk

Thursday 16th March, 11:00 am – 22:30 pm

The Glasshouse, 4 Park Lane, Braidwood

Chair of Tender Funerals Canberra Region, Catherine Bell, invites you to join her for a conversation about what dying, death and funerals can look like when a regional community, like Braidwood, is empowered. Braidwood has been a long-time supporter of Tender, with both the locals and Community Bank Braidwood providing encouragement and financial support to establish Tender in the region. With Tender opening in August, now is the time for locals to really get involved and understand what a difference the Tender model can make for them.

No RSVP required – just turn up!

Our sincere thanks to Community Bank Braidwood for their ongoing support for Tender and the community in this area.