Join us for the Chatterbox Series session at the Dickson Library

Wednesday 12th June, 11:00 – 12:00 pm.

Dickson Library, Antill St, Dickson

We are very pleased to be part of the Chatterbox Series at Dickson Library.

Chatterbox is a community initiative for the Dickson Library and is an hour-long informative chat about educational, recreational and trending topics in the Dickson and Canberra community. It’s an opportunity to hear about what’s going on in your area, connect with other library users and enjoy the Q&A and conversations afterwards. The wonderful team at the library are even putting on light refreshments afterwards.

Our presentation is End of LIfe: A Tender Talk about making and sharing your choices.

How do you feel about decisions related to dying, death and funerals? Do you feel calm and empowered? Or overwhelmed and uneasy? The first step to feeling in control is to start talking about it. We will discuss the practical (like useful paperwork to prepare), the legal (are there ‘rules’ you have to follow?) and the personal, like how you can create experiences that are right for you, whether that’s how you die or the funeral you plan. Bring your curiosity and/or questions for a positive and inclusive conversation about one of the few things we all have in common.

More information available via Libraries ACT soon.