We are a not-for-profit death care provider
awakening in all communities their innate capacity to participate in, and benefit from, the transformational qualities of a meaningful process when someone dies.

Equitable Access
We believe everyone should have access to a funeral that reflects their community and values. We provide funerals with a wide range of personal choices and financial means. In addition, as a non-profit, we have a benevolent fund to assist families in financial hardship to still have a funeral authentic to them.

TEnder Funerals 

National team supporting communities across the country to establish and operate Tender Funerals services 

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The Tender Funerals Story

This short animation depicts the underpinning values of Tender Funerals, a way to bring community back into the sacredness of after death care. Death is not a transaction but a transformation.

“A Community Undertaking” – Australian Story

Tender Funerals was featured on ABC’s Australian Story in June 2022. Filmed over 10 months, it follows the experiences of people who have used Tender Funerals and an insiders perspective of how Tender Funerals provides a different model of funeral services . . . “an extraordinarily intimate view of a process we rarely get to see”.