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Information sheets

Developed in collaboration with the Natural Death Care Centre, these information sheets aim to dispel misconceptions around dying, death, and funerals. They are designed to empower individuals and communities to support decision-making and informed choices around end-of-life matters.


Important documentation

Navigating the medical and healthcare system

The dying process

Caring for or being with the dying

Sudden, expected or unexpected death

Practical care of the body

Funeral arrangements, ceremony and disposal

Bereavement and loss

Contacts and advocates

CHOICE articles on the funeral industry

Funerals investigation part 1: Do you need a funeral director?

Reporter: Saimi Jeong
Choice Magazine 6 June 2019

Funerals investigation part 2: How much do funerals cost?

Reporter: Saimi Jeong
Choice Magazine 20 September 2019

Additional resources 

Living with drug or alcohol bereavement