Tender Funerals Gippsland Team

Kellie Vickers

Community Activator/ Director 

Beginning as a Death Doula to try and sneak in the back way to a nursing home during the peak of covid (it didn’t work!) is what led Kellie on her mission to find a place where death and dying was an open and progressive place for all.

There are many ways to complete end of life rituals and working throughout the death industry, she was yet to find them. During a Redesigning Death Care conference in Melbourne, Kellie met up with
Sam from Tender Funerals and realised that this was a model that offered much of what she felt was missing from our death and dying today.

With her passion and many supportive people along with her, Tender Funerals Gippsland Limited has a very progressive Board, a dedicated Working Group and many Volunteers to create the facility
Gippsland has been wanting.

Kelly-ann Bliss


Kelly-ann has always had a kind and caring personality.  Her past work experiences have been mostly in the finance and retail field with a dash of community volunteering thrown in to complete her picture.
After being honoured by being able to help a friend through a tragic family loss, Kelly-ann knew where her passion truly was.  Moving forward as a Director of Tender Funerals Gippsland Limited will allow her to not only work within the governance of TFG but be able to help those in her community in their times of need too.
Being the youngest of six children has allowed her to understand many of the differing dynamics that can come from families in not just joyous times, but those of grief and will be a wonderful member of the Tender Funerals Gippsland team.

Jennifer Williams


Jenni is a beautiful and kind soul, she has decided to join the board of Tender Funerals Gippsland Ltd with the mindset and the skills to help others find ways through and after difficult events in their life.
Jenni has experienced the loss many people have and understands the relevance of self care, worthiness, wellness and time.  Her talents run very deep and her ability to bring out the best in someone is a passion that is very real and obvious in her dedication.
Passions of Jenni’s are family, friendships, travel, health, wellbeing.  Being a qualified swim, Pilates, meditation and fitness instructor helps Jenni maintain her busy life and allows her to share her talents with all.
Being a busy Mother, Wife, Aunty and Volunteer in many areas of her life, Jenni knows how to juggle various needs and wants for many people and her calm personality will be wonderful for Tender Funerals Gippsland.

Jennifer Simpsons Smiths


Jennifer comes to the Tender Funerals Gippsland Limited Board with a wealth of knowledge and experience in management, culture, arts and history.

An avid traveller, Jennifer has been immersed in many cultures around the globe and has an understanding of many different processes for end of life rituals.
 A very clever mind for history and adaptability for future is what allows Jennifer’s forward thinking with complete respect to all humans, regardless of race and religion, in their times of need.
This aligning with her compassion and professionalism make Jennifer an absolute treasure as a Director of Tender Funerals Gippsland.

Keith Trotter


Keith Trotter has three main passions in his life, apart from the obvious love for his family. These passions are music, cars and photography.
Keith believes that you should not necessarily be known or remembered by the job you perform in life, if that work you perform does not truly reflect who you really are. He might have been a soldier or a rigger or a financial advisor through the day, but in his heart he is that music loving petrol head.

  Now retired, Keith is free to spend time on an interest he has harboured since the age of 10. He developed a knack for taking a good photo from an early age and is now generously allowing Tender Funerals Gippsland to utilise the shots he so carefully plans out, to be used so all Gippslanders can be represented on our website