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 Tender Funerals is a community based funeral service. It is through the on going support and contributions of our volunteers that we are able to provide our services at the lowest cost.

Part of what we aim to do with Tender is to take our communities understand of what happens after someone dies from a default position of mystery to a default position of knowledge. Part of how we achieve this is by inviting our volunteers to contribute to the many facets of care provided by the funeral home so that we can become a skilled community who can look after our own dead.              

Our volunteers contribute in so many ways from gardening and admin, to staffing funerals and everything in between. Our Tender community is full of people who are there because they want to contribute and want to properly honour those who come through our doors. Our volunteers have decided what sort of community they want to be a part of and they support us to create the sort of service they want available to them. 








A Word from one of our Volunteers



My name is Jade and I am currently in my third year of study, completing my Bachelor of Social Work Degree at the University of Wollongong. I’ve been given this unique opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge around bereavement and community engagement by doing my supervised professional practice placement with Tender Funerals.

When I was first offered the placement, I was a little apprehensive and nervous, as the subject of death and dying is often not spoken openly about and knew I was going to be out of my comfort zone. I was warmly accepted into the service which made the transition a much easier process with the guidance of Amy the Funeral Director. I have embraced every opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and have been amazed at the sense of community Port Kembla has. I found it humbling to be a part of a service that assists families make affordable informed decisions at such a vulnerable time in their lives.

Losing someone is never easy, Tender Funerals is passionate about educating and empowering families and friends of the deceased who are wanting to see their loved one off in a personalised, meaningful way. To me this is so inspiring, I am learning so much every single day and am so grateful to be given this chance to see and experience such dedication and compassion to the needs of the community.    

We are so incredibly grateful for everything our volunteers do. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer submit your interest by  clicking


and filling out the form