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 Dying To Know Day (August 8th) is an annual day of action dedicated to bringing to life conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement founded by The GroundSwell Project.

Every year different events are held all over Australia for Dying to Know Day. Anyone can host or participate in an event.

This year Tender Funerals hosted 2 Dying to Know Day events on the 8th of August which brought over 30 members of our community together.

We had an open day that provided an opportunity to come and see inside Tender Funerals, meet the staff to ask questions, hear about how they can have an authentic and beautiful affordable funeral and see what a mortuary looks like.

Tender Funerals specially built mortuary was intentionally created as a public space. We designed it with families in mind who would be able to use it to look after their own loved ones. We treat it as a sacred space because doing the final washing and dressing of the body truly is a sacred act. Because we designed it as a public space it means that when we have events like Dying To Know Day we have the opportunity to show people what a real mortuary looks like. We also talk about how they could apply it to their own use when someone they love dies.

Tender is working to create an informed and empowered community when it comes to funerals and events like Dying To Know Day are the perfect opportunity to do just that. Hopefully we see you next year. To visit the official Dying to Know Day website click here.