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Our Pricing

Tender Funerals has at its core a mission to provide funeral services to those in our community who may be experiencing financial hardship. We believe that no-one should miss out on having access to a helpful, beautiful funeral service, so we have developed a model to make our services more accessible. This means we can offer a concession rate to you and we will have a conversation with you to determine your needs.

This model is made viable by the families who use Tender and can afford to pay full price and is further supported via donations from the community.

Terms and Conditions

We will have a conversation with you to determine your eligibility for a concessional rate. You may be eligible if you meet one (or more) of the following criteria:

– Being eligible for income support

– Healthcare card, pension card, concession or student card holder

– Having to go into debt to pay for the funeral

– The impact on the family household income as a result of the death.

– living in social housing

*please note prices below are priced at the non- concessional rate.

Current Price List as at January 2024

Incl GST
Funeral Director Fee*No Service No Attendance (Private cremation)$1,294.00
This covers the wages for the funeral director during the arrangement, managing logistics and necessary paperwork and at the funeral on the day. This is higher because it requires more staff time on logistics as well as on the day of the funeral
Benevolent Funeral PaymentThis amount is removed from the account if concession is applicable. This payment goes towards supporting the burial/cremation of people experiencing extreme financial hardship$250.00
Refrigeration/Storage*Up to 4 Weeks
This is any amount of time the deceased spends in our care up to 4 weeks
Additional 2 Weeks
As above
Standard Mortuary Care*This is the minimum standard of care. We work to receive everyone as a person, so we wrap the deceased in a sheet and place a pillow under their head so they aren’t only being stored in a body bag. This cost covers the time and resources required to provide this minimal level of care, as well as the time and care of placing someone into their coffin. We do this for EVERYONE unless requested not to by family$152.00
Bathing & DressingBy Tender
This covers ‘mortuary care’ performed by Tender. That might be sacred washing, dressing or wrapping, closing of the eyes and mouth, shaving, makeup on request or managing physical effects of medical intervention such as IV drip punctures
By Family with Support from Tender
This covers the hire of the mortuary space and the availability of a staff member to be present for assistance
By Family 
This covers the hire of the mortuary space and equipment
EmbalmingPreservation of the body required for Crypt, Vault and Mausoleum interment or for repatriation$990.00
Extended Viewing/VigilBooking the Tender space for a number of hours to spend time with the deceased$207.00
Body Transportation*Incl 2 transports in the Tender van
This is to transport the deceased from hospital/nursing home/home to tender then to the Funeral/cemetery/crematorium.
If a hearse is hired on the day of the funeral then only half of this fee is charged
Extra Body TransportationsIf the body is required to be transported again$218.00
Distance FeePer Transport 
Charged if Tender travels either 1 hour or 60kms away from the office.
After Hours Call Out FeeCharged on weekdays between 5pm to 9am and on weekends when Tender staff come to do the transfer of the deceased into our care.
This is charged on top of the usual transportation fee
Death Certificate*Death Certificate
Official Death Certificate from Births, Death & Marriages sent via registered post after the cremation/burial
Creamation Paper WorkAttending Practitioners Cremation Permit and the Medical Referee Cremation Permit required for cremation of non-coronial cases$120.00 - $250.00
Coffin*Cardboard Coffin
Can be used as is or decorated in artwork. Favoured by environmentalists
MDF Coffin
Can be used as is or decorated in artwork
Oak Coffin
This is an MDF coffin with an oak look finish
Rosewood Coffin
This is an MDF coffin with a rosewood look finish
Woven Coffin
Handwoven from seagrass and willow handwoven
Made to OrderPrice on Request
Crematorium FeeLakeside (Incl 45min Chapel Hire) Mon -Thu$755.00
Lakeside (Incl 45min Chapel Hire) Fri$844.00
Lakeside (Cremation only) Mon - Fri$710.00
Mountain View (Cremation Only) Mon - Fri$872.00
Witness InsertionLakeside$765.00
Mountain View$540.00
Interment (Grave Digging)Kembla Grange starting at$1,740.00
Chapel HireTender Accommodating approx. 10 people for 2 hours$322.00
WMG 1 Hour$297.00
Lakeside 45mins (burial onsite) Mon-Thu$424.00
Lakeside 45mins (burial onsite) Fri$462.00
Lakeside Additional 45 mins Mon-Fri$402.00
Cold Plate HireFirst 3 Days (Minimum Hire Charge)$185.00
Extra Day (5 days Maximum usage)$60.00
Cool Plate TransportUse of vehicle and staff member to deliver to and collect cool plate from home.$185.00
CelebrantA Celebrant can be hired to be the main speaker for the funeral ceremony$550.00
PriestApprox$440 - $500
Hearse Hire3 Hours (Minimum Hire Charge)$550.00
Death/Funeral NoticePrice subject to number of lines (Average $120)
Tender Artist/MusicianTextile and Musical Artists $65 Per Hour (min 3 hour)
Singer/OrganistChurch singers/organists$350 - $450
Additional Staff MemberCharged if extra staff are required$240.00
Islamic Burial FrameFrame for bottom of grave used in Islamic burial including hire of transport shell$200.00
REALM Scarf Keepsake made from funeral flowers
2 scarves - $150
3 - $200
4 - $250
Live streamingDependent upon funeral location
Projector hireHire of indoor projector and screen$35.00
Condolence BookA ring binder book for mourners to sign as a record of attendance$33.00
Crucifix or CrossCrucifix or Cross attached to coffin Silver$28.00
Crucifix or CrossCrucifix or Cross attached to coffin Gold$32.00
This meeting is to consult with one of our Funeral Directors and have your pre-need funeral wishes recorded. Tender does not offer pre-paid funerals at this stage$85.00
Funeral Director Fee$88.00
Wicker Coffin$220.00
Special Order Coffin
Cremation Paperwork$180.00
Most crematoriums provide the cremation of babies and children free of charge