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Tender Locations

Future/Proposed Tender Locations

Tender Canberra and Regions

Tender Funerals Canberra Region Working Group was established April 2019 with the aim to bring affordable, meaningful funerals to the people of the Canberra and the surrounding region.

Tender Tasmania

Tender Funerals Tasmania is currently looking for funding partners and an ideal location for our Tender service to support community members across Tasmania.


Tender Mid-North Coast is currently seeking funding partners to support the set-up of their local service. The community will be building a fit-for-purpose building to house our service.

Tender WA Metro

We are a dynamic working committee of 5 Directors who bring a diverse range of skills and commitment to the ethics and values of Tender Funerals to bring an affordable service to Perth and inner regions in WA.

Tender Far North Queensland

Tender Far-North Queensland has established a strong working group and is currently focused on raising community awareness and support