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Tender Sewing Circle

This is a beautiful group of makers, with all levels of skill and experience. We have been meeting for over a year now. In the beginning, there were just three or four of us, tentative and quiet and slow, learning stitches, tying knots, making needle cases, mending clothes. Just sitting together, working away, sometimes talking, sometimes not.

We’ve grown. We’re a little more organised and a lot noisier, the table is crowded and spilling over with work. We share delicious snacks and stories, someone makes tea, we talk more, work more, plan more.

This is one of our recent workshops in shibori techniques and indigo dyeing. As you can see, the results are rather fabulous – on cloth and shirts and pillowcases and even a pair of cotton socks!

Join our artist in residence Michele Elliot, and participate in the beautiful Tender Illawarra Sewing Circle. The invitation is open to anyone who would like to come along. Call for details or to confirm days/dates, we look forward to sewing with you soon.

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— Stacey Hasler