Tender Mid North Coast

At Tender Funerals, we believe funerals and funeral care should be meaningful, authentic, and affordable.

Tender Funerals is a not-for-profit funeral service that ensures that those experiencing financial hardship/distress are able to access personalised, meaningful and affordable funerals. We also provide community education and empowerment around after death care.

We provide a full range of services across after death care, funeral/celebration arrangements and body disposal options – many based on sustainable principles – which enable you to have a much greater say in how your loved one is treated after death. We encourage practices that promote healing.

A community venture, we operate in ways that do not leave community members with large debt. We don’t take shortcuts and always put people and relationships first.


Our Vision

Tender Mid-North Coast is working towards bringing Tender Funerals to the NSW Mid North Coast region.

We are a group of volunteers who’ve been dedicated to bringing this service to our region since mid-2019.

This project has great momentum in our community. The support for our online crowdfunding campaign and our community engagement activities has been wonderful. People we’ve met at markets and in online forums have shared their stories and their appreciation for the work we do. Our group of volunteers is growing and with that our capacity to build a Tender community increases.

We have purchased land in Wauchope and are building a home for Tender Funerals Mid North Coast. We hope to be operational in early 2022, servicing communities from Taree to Coffs Harbour.

How You Can Support Tender Mid North Coast

Tender Funeral Mid North Coast is raising funds for a building. The crowdfunding campaign is in full swing and any donation, however small or large is welcome. It has been a difficult year for all of us, let’s finish it off on a positive note by creating something wonderful, that will support our community in years to come.

Funding Partners

In February 2020 Tender Funerals Mid North Coast received funding from the Vasudhara Foundation to engage a project activator for 6 months to accelerate the process of establishing a Tender Funerals franchise on the Mid North Coast. Denis Juelicher, who has taken on this role, has significant community development and project management experience, working in both voluntary and paid positions, on projects such as The Lost Plot Community Garden, The Green Day Out Inc. and Ekam Yoga Festival. Since that time, Tender Funerals Mid North Coast has incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation with an established a board of directors. The board has, with the support of Tender Australia and Social Ventures Australia, secured finance from Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA) and a considerable grant from the Vincent Family Fairfax Foundation. Land in Wauchope’s industrial area has been purchased and a home for Tender Funerals Mid North Coast has begun. Tender Funerals Mid North Coast continues to engage with the community and community services organisations in the region and raise funds to establish the franchise. Tender Funerals has set the goal of being operational in early 2022.