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Our Pricing

We believe funerals and funeral care should be meaningful, authentic and affordable.

On average, a Tender Funeral costs between $3,834 and $4,500, depending on the services and products chosen. This is well below the industry average.

To maintain transparency, we openly share our pricing and help families identify which services are a good fit for them and best celebrate the life of the person they love. A cost summary for our services is outlined in the tables below.

Our lowest cost funeral is $3834, including all essential items legally required. If you are eligible for our concessional pricing, this price may be further reduced. See the information via the link below. Inclusions for this price: GST, funeral director fee, benevolent funeral payment, refrigerated accomodation/care, beautiful and diginified mortuary care on arrival, transport of your person into our care, death certificate, cremation paperwork, an eco cardboard coffin, and direct cremation fee at Innes Gardens Memorial Park. This price also includes visiting with your person before cremation, affording you time to say your goodbye which can be a very healing process and contribute to healthy bereavement. We don’t charge a fee for this. 

Read more about funeral affordability, concessional pricing and our Benevolent Fund (pdf)

Speak with our staff to find out more or if you’d like to plan ahead, make a time to discuss funeral pre-arrangement.

*Please note: prices below include GST where applicable and are at the weekday, adult, non-concessional rate.

Fees, as updated July 2023

Funeral Director FeeDirect cremation (no ceremony or attendance). Includes the support and advice of the Funeral Director for the preparations, logistics and legal documentation required.$1579
Cremation/burial with ceremony. Includes the support and advice of the Funeral Director to manage the funeral arrangements, logistics and legal documentation required, and to attend the funeral on the day.$2407
Benevolent Funeral PaymentThis payment goes towards supporting the burial/cremation of people experiencing extreme financial hardship. This amount is removed from the account if concession is applicable. $250
TransportationTransport of your person from a hospital/aged care facility/residence to our mortuary, then to the funeral/cemetery/crematorium. Includes 2 transports in the Tender transfer van. If a hearse is hired on the day of the funeral then only half of this fee is charged.$383
After Hours TransportCharged on weekdays between 5pm to 9am and on weekends when Tender staff bring your person into our care. This is charged on top of the usual transportation fee$497
Mortuary CareWe receive everyone as a person, so we take care of your person's hygiene, wrap them in a sheet and place a pillow under their head. This cost covers the time and resources required to provide this minimal level of care, as well as the time and care of placing your person into their coffin. We do this for EVERYONE unless requested not to by family.$127
Refrigerated Care (up to 4 weeks)Accommodation and care of your person in our mortuary for up to 4 weeks.$255
Legal Documentation RequiredDeath Certificate$66
Cremation Papers - Attending Practitioners Cremation Permit$128
Medical Referee Cremation Permit required for cremation of non-coronial cases$120
Cremation/burial feeSee table below$700 (from)
Made to measure or special orderPOA
Additional Staff MemberCharged if extra staff are required, for a large funeral$243
Extra TransportationsIf your person is required to be transported again$191
Distance FeePer km for distances of more than 80km$4.40 per km
Refrigerated care (additional 2 weeks) Accommodation of your person, additional 2 weeks$318
Bathing and DressingBy Tender
This covers ‘mortuary care’ performed by Tender. That might be sacred washing, dressing or wrapping, closing of the eyes and mouth, shaving, makeup on request or managing physical effects of medical intervention such as IV drip punctures
By Family with Support from Tender
This covers the hire of the mortuary space and the availability of a staff member to be present for assistance
By Family 
This covers the hire of the mortuary space and equipment
EmbalmingPreservation of your person required for Crypt, Vault and Mausoleum interment or for repatriationPOA
After Hours Call Out FeeCharged on weekdays between 5pm to 9am and on weekends when Tender staff come to bring your person into our care.
This is charged on top of the usual transportation fee
After Hours Arrangement FeeCharged on weekdays between 5pm to 9am and on weekends when Tender staff meet with a family to arrange a funeral$223
Cold Plate HireFirst 3 Days (Minimum Hire Charge)$191
Cold Plate Transport$191
Cold Plate - Extra Day (5 days Maximum usage)$64
CelebrantA Celebrant can be hired to be the main speaker for the funeral ceremony$440
PriestApprox $350-$400POA
Venue HireA number of venues, such as community halls and chapels are available at various costs. For more information, please speak with one of our Funeral DirectorsPOA
Hearse Hire3 Hours (Minimum Hire Charge)POA
Death/Funeral NoticePrice subject to number of linesPOA
Singer/OrganistChurch singers/organists$360
Live streamingDependent upon funeral locationPOA
Tender Room Hire 1.5 hour hire of the Tender Funerals Service Rooms $322
OUR FEESFOR BABIES 20 weeks or more gestation. For babies under 20 weeks gestation, please phone to discuss options and pricing.
Funeral Director Fee (no funeral)$97
Funeral Director Fee (with funeral)$194
Transport (includes two transports)$243
Wicker Coffin$375
Cremation Paperwork $266
Cremation FeePrices vary depending on crematorium
Burial FeePrices vary depending on cemetery
Innes Gardens Memorial Park CrematoriumCremation Fee + chapel service$1500
Direct Cremation - No ceremony, no attendance$750
Cremation - child under 4 weeks$266
Cremation - child 4 weeks - 12 years$705
Port Macquarie Crematorium Cremation - Adult $700
Innes Gardens Memorial Park CemeteryInterment (Grave Digging) - Previously reserved plots (single sites - single depth, or 2nd Interment - double site)$2468 (from)
Burial Plot - Adult, new plot (double depth x 2 interment rights)$6605
Interment (Grave Digging) - New plots, adult$2468
Burial Plot - Child (Up to 12yrs)$1074
Interment (Grave Digging) - Child (Up to 12yrs)$1232
Wauchope/Laurieton/Outlying CemeteriesInterment (Grave Digging) - Adult$1683
PMQ General CemeteryInterment (Grave Digging) - Prior reservation plots only$2265
PMHC CemeteriesBurial Plot - Adult$2595
Burial Plot - Child (up to 12yrs)$930
Interment (Grave Digging) - Child (up to 12yrs)$1085
Kempsey Shire Council CemeteriesApplication for Perpetual Interment Right (if there is no existing Interment Right)$2100
Interment - in a reserved site if reservation made prior to January 1994 (lawn section only)$1210
Second Interment - in an existing gravesite$1860
Infant Grave$1036

You Have Options

When planning a funeral, its important to understand your options so you’re empowered to make decisions that are right for you and your family. Our services are led by your and your family’s needs, we won’t push you to purchase anything you don’t need.

Further educational resources are available in the ‘RESOURCES’ section of the Tender Funerals Mid North Coast website, including answers to all your Frequently Asked Questions, plus downloadable Infosheets on topics from bereavement and loss, to pre-arranging a funeral.

Cultural Needs

Tender Funerals respects the traditions of Indigenous communities and the needs of the many different cultural and religious communities across Australia. We welcome discussion and guidance on how we can best meet every family’s wishes and traditions.

Pre-arranging a funeral

Speak with our staff to find out more or if you’d like to book an appointment to plan ahead or discuss funeral pre-arrangement.