We are excited about our upcoming opening and are getting ready to raise funds to landscape our grounds. We feel it’s so important to create beautiful and healing spaces for families to retreat to when they are arranging funerals with us or spending time with their person.


Our Vision – A Healing Garden

Much of 2021 was taken up by finding a home for Tender. We bought land, developed plans for a building and constructed our home-to-be in Wauchope, on the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast.

Our building is located on a large block of land, which is currently bare but has the potential to become an integral part of what we do at Tender.

We envisage giving to the land by returning native trees, bushes and grasses to it, improving the soil and creating natural habitat. We will take care of the land and the land will take care of us by providing a healing environment.

Our native garden will be integral to what we do. Nature plays such an important role in healing. We can feel held and cared for by nature and an awareness of the beauty always present in the natural environment can provide glimpses of hope when all hope seems to be lost.


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