6 August 2021

On Friday, 6 August the Tender MNC community celebrated a momentous milestone: the
Turning of the Sod Ceremony for our building at 36 Production Drive, Wauchope. This is
where the heart of the Tender MNC will be and it was only befitting that we should have a
very beautiful ceremony for the occasion. One of our long-term volunteers, Tamara
Unterweger, created a magnificent mandala for us, to which all participants added while
sharing a blessing as part of the ceremony.

We extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who attended. We were deeply touched by
the incredibly beautiful blessings shared during our ceremony. They were so heartfelt and a
very real testament to the commitment our Tender community holds dear for the work
Tender will do in our communities.

An extra special huge thank you to two amazing women who made the event what it was.
To Tamara, one of our volunteers, who created a gorgeous mandala as the central point of
our ceremony, and to Aunty Rhonda, Birpai Community Elder, for her beautiful
Acknowledgement of Country in language, for her heartfelt words and healing gestures and
for turning the sod on Birpai land….it was incredibly moving.