Tender Funerals Australia is seeking new funding partners to enable:

  • More communities to start a not-for-profit Tender Funerals service.
  • Tender Funerals Australia to continue to provide vital start-up, capacity-building and operational support to Tender Funerals services.

Investing in the Tender Funerals model directly contributes to creating impact. Tender Funerals services are social enterprises – once a Tender Funerals service achieves financial sustainability (within 4 – 6 years) all surplus goes towards its mission to provide meaningful, affordable funerals.

Our goal is to achieve 10 Tender Funerals services around Australia in the next 3 – 5 years. When all are operational, this will mean:

  • Around 3,000 affordable funerals provided each year.
  • Over $10 million in funeral related costs saved each year.
  • At least 80 jobs and 300 volunteer opportunities created each year, as well as wider small business opportunities.

You can learn more about our impact in our 2021 Impact Report

We welcome conversations with new philanthropic partners who share our vision of ensuring all Australians can access meaningful, affordable funerals.

If you are interested in supporting this national project, please contact Tender Funerals Australia General Manager Jenny Briscoe-Hough at [email protected]

If you would like to donate to Tender Funerals Australia you can do so here

Tender Funerals Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of our foundational partners

  • Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA)
  • Social Ventures Australia
  • AMP Foundation
  • Ecstra Foundation
  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation