Support US


There are many ways you can support Tender Funerals sites around Australia, from volunteering to providing financial or material support.

Tender Funerals sites are currently seeking:

  • Skilled volunteers including architects, lawyers and fundraising, communications, marketing, and finance professionals.
  • Board members with skills in the above areas and/or governance experience.
  • Corporate partnerships.
  • Offers of land or buildings suitable for a funeral service.
  • Infrastructure and resource donations eg construction and landscaping materials, vehicles and furniture.
  • Financial donations.

Your support will be gratefully appreciated! Please contact your local Tender Funerals site by clicking on the link below:

If you would like to donate to Tender Funerals Australia you can do so here.

If there is no Tender Funerals site in your area or you would like to offer support to Tender Funerals nationally or to Tender Funerals in Western Sydney, please contact us at [email protected]