Tender TAsmania

Tender Funerals Tasmania Working Party

Lynne Jarvis 


Lynne is a social worker who has worked in the human services field for over thirty years in varying capacities. Lynne was the founding member of S.I.D.S North-West in 1984, is passionate about social justice and community development across the pre and post death care space, inclusive of the rights of families to care for their own should they wish. Lynne is Secretary of Care Beyond Cure Inc.

Christine Johns


Christine is a registered nurse and worked in community nursing for many years with a focus on palliative care. With this experience, Christine was able to care for both her parents at home and see them buried on their own property by their family and friends. Christine wants everyone to have a choice in their end of life.

Laine Willis 


Laine Willis is a semi-retired social worker of 25 years plus with a background in human services and art therapy. Her volunteer work with Care Beyond Cure Inc. Includes the position of Treasurer and supporting the setting up of Tender Funerals Tasmania.